Joy Around The World is Karen Joy Jackson's theme and the purpose behind her photography. She loves to photograph nature whether it's a swan landing on a river or a bluebird building its nest or a flower reaching toward the sun. She enjoys capturing a moment of time in her action photography of animals or dancers or cowboys during a rodeo event. Karen Joy Jackson's photography also captures tranquil moments in her scenic photography - as in “Sublime Sunrise,” “A Dog's Life” or “Towering Redwoods.” Sometimes the goal is simply to demonstrate the sense of a particular place - be it Tuscany, the Cinque Terre, The Thermal areas of New Zealand, the cobbled streets of Greece. Vibrant colors of nature are also a theme - “Colorful Chiles,” “A River of Colors,” “Gorgeous Palette,” “Riomaggiore's Boat Dock,” or “Desert Dazzlers.” Whimsical shots have their place as well - “Wind Whipped Clothes” or “On the Line.” Whatever you wish for is possible if you take the time to look around you and see the beauty of nature and the beauty of the world in which we live.

Thank you for looking at my photography! It brings me great Joy to share my vision of our world with you.

Karen belongs to several art leagues and has won many awards in competitions over the years.

Karen looks forward to sharing her photography of the Swiss Alps and a Rhine River cruise with you soon. Later this year she will travel around Spain, Portugal, and Bordeaux, France before heading to Scotland for the Isle of Skye. Excitement builds as she readies herself for this next adventure.